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Sing at the top of your voice

Hi fellow fibros

After a few really bad days in the depths of dispair, I awoke this morning with a little glimmer of hope, a small light in the distance, something to work my way towards. I actually felt a little better.

I got out of bed turned on my ipod to that brilliant anthem 'I will survive' by Gloria Gaynor and I sang it at the top of my out of tune voice. And I danced like some crazed idiot around the flat until I was exhausted. All of about 90 seconds. But boy do I feel much more cheerful. I'm going to add this to my daily routine. If I cant dance, I'm just going to sing, and wave my arms.

Why dont you try it. People already think we are crazy, so we have nothing to lose

And what gave me the idea. Greys Anatomy. In it two of the main characters dance when everything is going wrong, Christina and Meredith dance like crazy. Watch this link.

Ok so we dont have to dance like crazy but perhaps a little wave of the arms and a wiggle of the hips once a day.

Mark Twain said (very wise man that old Mark Twain) 'Sing like no one's listening, love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody's watching, and live like its heaven on earth.

OK so we cant do them all, but lets do a little

Love you all, you crazy people - Lots of Hugs Lizzie xx


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Love your post Lizzie so cheerfull x


Love it Lizzie, I wholeheartedly agree.....I do this & it helps.....think it's the endorphins kicking in. I push myself to do an exercise class once a week too & a singing workshop. Sometimes I overdo it, then feel sorry for myself, but generally it helps. Plus meeting friends lifts the spirits. The class members know I have Fibro, though some doubt it I'm sure, as I look too well.....if only they really knew the battles we all face on the daily basis, those who have this accursed affliction!

Love & smiles to all fellow Fibromites, Annette x


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