What next!!

Well I wrote to the DWP and advised them that my medical cert was for 2 months and NOT 2 weeks. No response.... then I receive from them yesterday something that resembles a P45 stating what payments I have received. Obviously this means no more money. Picking up new medical cert today (as this is when it's due) and will post it off to them, advising them of THEIR MISTAKE!! Was so pissed off with this yesterday I sent a letter to my MSP (Member of Scottish Parliament), telling him of the problems I'm having with change to ESA from Incapacity Benefit. Watch this space....I just may get a reply???

All this on top of trying to 'do-up' our (me and daughter's) new home. Slept all day yesterday and woke up this morning to find bottom sheet of bed (almost new sheet) torn to shreds where my feet were.... stress must be worse than I thought.... at least it's not my teeth again :-D

Got to laugh or I would cry!

Take care everyone xxx

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  • You poor thing, the DWP is so incompetent.

    They never reply to your letters and then send three to four letters on the same day which tell you absolutely nothing about your question...xxx

  • All Government Departments HATE letters from MPs and make them urgent. So if you can get your SMP to write to them, on your behalf, explaining how unsatisfactory their action has been so far you will probably receive a much fairer and quicker decision from them.

    Hope this helps

    S [ex Government worker]

  • Wow, got a reply today from my MSP!! Lightening quick!!

    He has written to the Chief Exectutive of Jobcentre Plus, Darra Singh along with a copy of the letter I sent him.

    Here's hoping that the outcome is positive, if it is, then perhaps it's what all of you in the same position should do.

    I'll keep you informed.

    Take care all xx

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