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WHY ??? do i keep waking up again when i was ill for those 2 weeks i was sleeping in the day and sleeping in the night well for about 4 hours which is better than 1/3 that i was getting now i am going to bed at 11 pm then still awake at around 1 am drift off then awake again at 3 am and wide awake at 4 am !!!!! what is all that about if i am not careful my body will go back to being ill again,

I did mention to my GP about sleeping tablets but it is trying to get the right ones as the meds i am on most of them will make me feel really ill with side effects ,

i will go to London and see how i am when i get back from there then will go back to my GP again for a chat

love to you all diddle xxx

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sounds like my sleep pattern!!! dont seem to get any "proper" sleep till after 2pm and awake again at 4, 5 and get up 6ish!!!

not happy :-(


Sounds just like my sleep pattern I have no problem getting off to sleep but after about 45 mins I'm awake and then every hour until I finally give up at around 5am and get up. It's been like this for 9 years, I am trying splints for my wrist at the moment for pain from carpal tunnel but think I need a full body splint as pain is all over and moves about lol


hi i have 75mg of amitriptyline a night most of the suffers i know take that for sleeping. hope you get sorted as it is not nice sometimes i still get a few hours sleep even with sleeping tablets.


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