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Hi i had the DLA guy come to my house this morning he was really really nice he looked like Grant Mitchell out of eastenders years ago . He was here about hour and a half he said at first he is not sure if i will get anything i am border line it depend if they write to my doctor and she backs me up well when i told him my gp told me to claim he said well i may get the lower rate if i am lucky so we will see i told him i dont hold out much hope as i have been on here so long and heard all your stories but like he said i can reapply and appeal too and they would help e so i will wait and see!

at the end of the day i am not gonna be any worse off if i dont get it and tiny bit better off if i do !

I then went to see my parents and then went to pick up my new glasses so that was good

It has been a beautiful day here today and still is the sun is shining it is areally lovely is sumer here woo woo

love to you all Diddle x

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Summer.......................... we can only hope that its around the corner!!

Gentle Hugs

Sue x x x x


glad you are having a good day. not nice weather here overcast morning rain afternoon. we can only hope we have a goog summer its about time. soft hugs xx


Fingers crossed for your DLA claim... I have been getting the high rate mobility and middle rate for care for several years so it is possible!

Having a quiet start to the day as had a tiring day at Uni yesterday... but then off to Lowestoft to meet a friend! :)


lol that where i live could pass you and not know lol love diddle x


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