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Well 2 months ago it was confirmed my Thyroid wasn't working as it should (something I had suspected for a long time) so went on a low dose of Thyroxine after a month it was increased, as I felt no different, to 50mg. So far feeling much better with the fatigue and energy! No where near normal, but for what I have been like for the last few years an improvement.

The only thing is symptoms go worse when a period starts or just before one begins and I have missed a period this time so cant jump up and down yet! Funnily enough I felt more tired yesterday and didn't get up until 11.30am but felt ok then and last night guess what? I had started my period!! Feel ok today and was up at 9am so I feel its a wait and see. Have to go to my GP on Monday for a blood test so fingers crossed I am finally on the right road after 12 years!

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Keeeping fingers crossed for you xxx


Sue x x x x


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