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NEW PIC !!!!

My daughter took this pic of my little gdoggy yesterday morning so i thought i would put it on as my profile pic he is called RUSTY and will be 6 on the 19th july and yes i get him a birthday card and yes he has a bun with a candle in it every year and at Christmas he has a stocking with his presents in it i know it is sad !!!

but he is my little mate he gives me so much comfort when i an ill he lays with me and jus stroking him makes you feel better and also he knows all my troubles and secrets he jus sits there tilting his head from side to side when i tell him things and then he comes up and licks my hand bless him

So this is my little man . hope you like you never know one day i may put one of the real diddle on here !!!!

love Diddle x

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he is lovely diddle xxx


he's a cutie....xx


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