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fighting the deppression...

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Hiya everyone, Yesterday developed into tears and battling to stop myself sinking into deep depression! I am a battler and after letting out the tears instead of holding onto them I am picking myself back up.

I'm disapointed as well with my housing situation.. seeing your place on the bidding process going further back is soul destroying, i cant use my shower or have a bath , or get out into my garden. out for a trip with help off hubby or carer is the only way i see the outside world as they have to help lift my legs up the steps to the pavement into the car, and push me in my chair.

After speaking to my OT and hubby speaking to the housing they are arranging for a special meeting next week to discuss my situation so i really do hope we get some where soon!

But if it takes too much longer i just dont know if i can handle my living situation!

hubby is fantastic and i know how to ask for help and fight for what i need but i feel so mentally exhausted as well as physically and living with all the conditions that are just getting worse...... but it does help just being able to say how i am feeling to release this from inside my head away from my hubby as i dont want to upset him and make him worry any more than he does about me.

so thank you for just being a forum where i can write out my feeling its such a big help and i hope i havnt made anyone feel bad or anything after reading this

hugs of relief poppy xx

6 Replies
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hiya ,sorry you having such a bad time of it ,im assuming that you have a council house by what you said ,cant they modify your house for your needs ?

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hi poppy like lynz i'm sorry you are having such a bad time. it must be hard not being able to get out without someone helping you because of the where you live. could you get your Dr to write a letter to the housing people saying not being able to get out is making your health and mental state a lot worse. my neighbour is in the same situation as you her Dr wrote to housing and she is now top of list for ground floor flat. the place she is in now she owns. hope it gets sorted soon soft hugs xx

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lynz in reply to scrumie

yes ,my health visitor wrote me a letter when we over crowded ,and we went up from silver to gold x

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Awww Poppy I am so sorry to hear your grief and truly hope you manage to get something sorted out.

Soft Gentle Hugs

Sue x x x

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It certainly isn't easy, stress and depression do not help CFS/FM just started Citalopram 10mg, I managed some washing up yesterday? I hope things get better for you xx

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Thanks everyone yes ihave done everything and have got my needs as hihh priority bjt the bungalows are mainly oap schemes which is why homechoice are having a meeting to see if coun il will make anconcession for me as its not possible to adapt this place.

Bit tomorrow is another day and i have no choice but to wait :'(

hugs poppy xxx

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