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Seriously fed up

Went to bed at 11.30 awake by 2.00, then 4.00 up at 7.00. Shoulders, neck back, knees all aching. Cannot get a job as the pain is affecting me so much cannot remember simple things. Need to work for sanity as well as money bút who is going to hire me when I do not have the incentive to do anything. Tried so many different tablets over the years and the side effects are as bad as the pain. Husband doesn't understand that I am so tired with everything that I am always in a bad mood and criticise everything he does, which isn't much. Just cos I am at home all days doesn't mean I must do the dishes, hoovering, cleaning etc. Sometimes just sit for hours staring into nothing wishing it would all go away

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hi Gemima,i think we should have a club for the seriously fed up!i am too!its hard on hubbys to understand at times,&its hard not to take it out on them!pain drives you mad when you have all the time&its frustrating too!hang on in there for the better days!hugs xx


Nice to hear from someone who actually understands. xxx


Hi Both,

Great idea for a club!!!!

But I don't think we would get much done, this country is nuts, I cannot work as cannot stand or sit for hours on end fibro fog pain and overwhelminf Fatigue I might be able to work for 2 hours one day and not the next or the next...... but that doesn't figure in the tiny beuracratic little minds!!! x xx x


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