positive experiences with phone calls!

Called Gatwick airport because can't get through to BA to book a wheelchair for Friday - got straight through and was told to call back tomorrow and they will arrange it.

Then I called my doctor's surgery to ask for yet another letter to take to my ATOS medical and she was so helpful and sympathetic - she told me that all the doctors in the practice are disgusted at the way people are being treated and how things have got worse and worse over the past year.

After the indifference and unhelpful attitudes of the ATOS staff on Monday it was like a breath of fresh air!


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  • hi so glad you have good Drs at least it makes you feel you have someone backing you up. Our Drs are good and i see mine on Fri as things have got worse. Also that brown envalope which we all dread has arrived. hope you have a good holiday and good airport can help. take care xx

  • Hi Caroline, yes it does seem the way of the world now with all of the things we have to deal with and most of the time its down to petty things.

    Have a wonderful Holiday and I hoe you are treated with the respect you deserve on the aeroplane.

    HUgs x x x x

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