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We have turned another corner!

This is soo momentous for us i just need to share! yesterday my kids started walking to school on their own. i drove to the school anyhow just to check they got there ok!

Today they have walked to school on their own again. hubbys gone to work, my chores are done. Im going to get a leisurely shower. Bliss.

I know they grow up so quickly but this is such a big step!

Have a great day everyone - from a proud and chilled mum - westgate xx

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Good for them x they grow up so quickly x have a good day x


That is fantastic and makes them feel more grown up and helps you too,

I was really nervous but happy when my daughter started to walk to school with friends

hope you have a good day

soft hugs xxx


Excellent News Westgate,

I hope you have had a lovely Day to yourself

Soft Hugs x x x


well done,kids. Hope you enjoy the new phase this will bring to your life.


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