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up today

hi, managed to get up today but feeling pretty fed up!

I've been struggling with my living arrangemaents for months now, been appling for suitable adapted housing but just as we think we are at the tp of the list the property is snatched away!

To have a shower would be great and just to get out into the garden even for 5mins would be so loely . To feel the sun on my skin....

I'm spending most of my days stuck in doors and fell like life is leavingme behind... i have no life!

Sorry for being a misery today just need to get my thoughts out of my head and have a moan!

hugs poppy xx

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Hi Poppy

Sorry to hear you are feeling fed up.

Housing is tough isnt it? I am in a house and the stairs kill me, they keep telling me to apply for a bungalow as i am entitled to one but we all know how hard it is to get one. Like you i am stuck indoors all the time. :(

Its good to moan so dont apologise. I should know i do it all the time lol.

Try to have a good day ok. x


Hi poppy glad you have managed to get up to day well done. As for moaning its much better to get things off your chest than to bottle it all up as that would only make you feel worse. I think you should apply for a bungalow as it would improve your quality off life.especially if you could get your Dr and/or consultant to back you. hope you feel a bit brighter soon soft hugs xx


thanks to you both, unfortunatley i have all the above and am in a bungalow but it has seps back and front and the council will not adapt as 1, I'm on the exchange/transfer list 2, most bungalow down here are for 55yrs or 60+ age range

hugs poppy xx


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