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mobility scooter or not

Hi everybody.

need some advice, i have trouble walking any distance, my family is supportive i work but it is mainly sitting. We will not discuss the fibro fog!!!!. my problem is when i want to shop or go out which is rare these days. its so painfull. What to do I have been thinking of having a mobility scooter the one that goes in the boot of a car. should i do it ? can you take it abroad, feel that i am finally giving in to the illness as you are supposed to exercise to help so confused. Also what message deos this give to my family will they think i have given up ? thats how it makes me feel but i also want some pain releif now and again.

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i have mobility scooter to go round town on - i hire it from the motability place in shopping malls, most cities have one!!

im also going to buy my own, have had one b4 which goes in car boot, each piece is rather heavey though so have someone to help you!

THP (the hand partnership) does long term leasing of scooters which might be an idea??

once you use one, and get over your negative feelings about using it (took me a while!) you will love it and wonder how you ever managed without it xxx


Hi Webby, i totally sympathise with you, i have the same problem, i cant walk round the shops etc, i have thought long and hard and have just bought a wheelchair from E Bay for £42 and its a really good lightweight one, my mum will have to push me round at age 68! but she's being very supportive as she has seen me having to sit down every few minutes when we have been out and about.

Try to get over the negative feelings, and think about your independence and being able to get around without as much pain.

Im just waiting to see how i go on with the wheelchair before i opt for a mobility scooter, also its very expensive and we would need a bigger car, also i am not allowed to drive as i have sleep apnoea, so i have to have someone with me anyway to get me there lol.

Think positive and give it a go, maybe try a shopmobility scooter first to see how you go on, google them in your local area, hope you get on ok, good luck, Amanda xx


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