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today - I have to rest and not punish myself for not doing the jobs that need doing

today - I have to rest and not punish myself for not doing the jobs that need doing

I was so pleased to help rid myself of some clutter and get some pennies in my purse on Sunday. My friend helped me do a car boot sale.

Of course I knew I would be tired yesterday, but didn't rest much in the day. Then, as the rain had stopped, and my daughter was groaing about the grass being so long she couldn't pick up the dog poo!!!! So I got the lawn mower out - and cut the grass. Unfortunately, i didn't stop there - and started weeding and cutting back lots of the overgrown and neglected bits in my garden. Pleased with my garden - but really probably over did it a bit. By 9pm I was beyond tired and slept out of exhaustion (I think).

Am suffering today, particularly as I have had a sinus cold/chesty cough for 10 days or so. Despite needing to do so much, I'm going to have a sofa day!!!

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Morning suzysparkle,

You rest and sit on the sofa all day thats an order lol.

I used to hate sitting looking at everything needed doing but now if i cant do it i dont bother as i know it will just put me in bed even earlier than i do now lol.

hope you get the well deserved rest.

hugs, kel xxx


thanks - I know when to do as I am told LOL!


Hi Suzysparkle you did over do it so you must rest my lawn's are still to wet to cut so i am having a rest today after a busy weekend with our family in West sussex nice to see and play with the grandchildren now must rest up body is pounding away :-( hope you have a nice sofa day soft hugs )))) Allan x


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