Has anyone else found trouble getting help as a disabled person

I have a housing problem going on right now as I'm struggling with the stairs in the house I'm in and as you can imagine this is causing quite a lot of stress and flare ups.Everyone I thought could help in an official capacity as a Disabled person has been like chocolate wallpaper.I am in touch with my local m.p. but even he hasn't been able to get a response from the same people I tried.I'm so angry with the response or should I say lack of.

Here's to a better day

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  • contact adult social services and ask for an occupational therapy assesment to be done, they will come out to you and assess all the things you need and go from there, im waiting for my stairlift to be fitted xx

  • hi gizzmo, yes as nadine said contacting adult care will help you, also if you arein social houseing you can now apply for a more suitable accomadation.

    i have an OT who has helped me with various equipment and assessment to be able t put on high priority needs level housing

    hugs poppyxx

  • thanks, i've got an o.t. and I'm in contact with adult social services but because we have to move my o.t. said it's no point in coming to asses house until we've found another place.as for adult social care,they've been pretty useless so far and because our move is being forced as landlady wants her house back no-one has helped whatsoever.the stress has caused major probs with my health and apart from my doctor no-one I thought would and could help,has.Just got to keep my chin up but sometimes...x

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