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Exercise and FM ... to criminal for ESA/DLA, If we tried to look after ourselves were fit enough to work !

I have a posting on my facebook page see link and although I really do agree with this info we simply would not be allowed to try and get ESA/DLA, we are not allowed to look after our selves, if I did these things (and I would like to when and if I could) I would feel guilty or a fraud and if the benefit office were to know then they would deem us fit to work, does this not mean that the system is setting us up for failure and only bad days are allowed, heaven forbid we try to assemble some quality of life. I have not yet had the dreaded brown envelope (thought I did ... it was the P60 phew) to hear about my incapacity to ESA medical but in a way (lord knows how we'd survive) if I was turned down I think I would feel freer, I know for a fact that it has been holding me back for a long time as I dont feel I'm allowed to use suitable exercise to maintain as much health as possible but still not be well enough to work, after all it would always be on my schedule as and when I am able, keeping to someone elses timetable is not an option with FM.

Damed if you do, damed if you dont.

Life is not black and white and FM needs understanding and support, more movement and access to simple things such as massage therapy, osteopath's, nutriitionist's and others, no doubt you can think of some. I would love to contribute to society and my family but how am I supposed to get off this merry-go-round if we are not allowed to succeed in a basic right to exercise.

I have depression and I've just started antidepressants, I feel this way not just because of FM but because I feel traped and not working is miserable and the isolation and loss of identity and hope of improving my situation is a lot more to do with why I feel so down.

So to the system I say - You give me every reason to fail, you give me a reason to stop trying, I want more I really do but allow me the freedom to be me, good days and bad.

When I started this blog this not where I thought it would go but i wonder how many of you this will strike a chord with.

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i have just lost my appeal for esa ,, i dont know where 2 go from here??? any help x


Can I just ask? Have you gone from being able to work to now being not able? Or have you been deemed fit to start work? In my reply to BlueBunny, I had no problem being granted ESA after being made redundant. The Job Centre told me I was unfit to apply for work!! Even though I had been working full time to that point!

Have you been to the Job Centre or whatever they call it these days!!? and approach the problem from that angle? Perhaps I was just VERY lucky in the area I live.Have you got someone to help you perhaps appeal again? CAB will nominate someone to help write the appeal letters and represent you if needs be. I had to ask their help once in appealing against a Child Allowance 'cock up'. Their fault, and the judge also conceeded that it was their fault, but said there was nothing he could do and I still had to repay it! But that's another story. I do hope you can find a solution. Best wishes Sue.


I am totally confused with this DLA & ESA. When I was made redundant last year I was deemed unfit to work when I went and signed on at the job centre and automatically was given ESA with Drs. note. I was subsequently lucky enough to get another job, part time tho. So obviously came off ESA. I am the guardian of 2 of my grandsons, so am eligible for WTC. This I started claiming again. All no bother no hitches!! 6 months after stopping ESA and working I got a phone call from DWP inviting me to a medical for my ESA!! I hadn't claimed for 6 months nor sent any Drs.Notes. Case of RH not knowing what the LH doing!

Yesterday had to renew my WTC. Was discussing my problems with work and could I claim the disabillity add on to WTC. I am struggling some days at work and lose a days pay if I have to be off.(I work in a private Pre School, so no sick pay!) The person I spoke to said you had to be on a disability benefit before you could claim the add on and suggested I claim DLA! I thought if I was fit to work I couldn't claim DLA?? I really don't want to go down that route yet as to get to the point of this 'Boring Blog', I want to be able to dig the garden on a good day, carry my shopping from the car, even if in pain. I want to walk my dog etc.etc. I would be just so worried doing all the things I can still do, even tho in pain,because I would expect someone to report me for fraud! Or some faceless person from the DWP to be doing spot checks. I will NOT give in at the moment and lay down & roll over so I can jump thro' hoops for DWL. I am still lucky enough to be able to work and only have a year before I retire anyway. But a little monetary back up would have been so helpful for the days I have over done it and can't get into do my job. Which is in it'self quite physical and stressful.

So, I can understand your frustration BlueBunny, at being worrid to even do the basics to keep yourself as fit as you are able, when the likelyhood of some faceless wonder tapping you on the shoulder and having you up for a fraudulent claim! In sympathy. Sue.


Hi Bluebunny,

You are so right in everything you say, maybe the government does'nt want to give us a shot at living our lives with hope and tremendous effort to overcome its hiddiousness, in as big a way as we can (sometimes), or as often and as much as we can, they deserve to be courtmarshaled for doing this to us, for putting us all through this, how many do they put through the wringer, if we were dying they would'nt be allowed, but we of course feel that way inside of us sometimes, and it's only the grace of God, prayer and so much effort, that gets us around another corner, blast them anyway, and they know when we sit in one of their chairs in their 'examining rooms' (esa and dla doctors), they might save the government some money (as they're told to do), if they abuse our fragile health, and minds, and make us say we never walk, never do anything just so they can smirk with that ever knowing grimace (Ha ha got her!),


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