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Mondays fun and phone calls!

Well, it's Monday. I've still got work to do for my therapy tomorrow. I'm at college as well, and my friend is on holiday, I still haven't worked out how I'm going to get there or back if I'm honest. She normally takes me and then drops me back off.

I've got therapy at 3 as well so I'll have to leave early....hmm have to think.

I've spent the last hour and 40 mins on the phone to Student Finance. Most of it on hold and most of the rest arguing about changing some things. But I think I've finally got it sorted. Well we will see in 20 working days when they have said everything will be sorted!

They don't make it easy!

I've got to call the Dr's tomorrow for my letters, well hopefully anyway. I asked them on Friday, the receptionist told me to call tomorrow so I'm hoping they will be done. I need my letter for college to request extra time in my exams....only got a few weeks before exams so hope they have done it.

It's freezing today, got the heating on soo high, my hubby will go mad when he gets home! haha :) decided to have cereal for breakfast. I don't always have breakfast and rarely have cereal, went and got a bowl and the cereal....only to find we have no milk! Grrrrr! So I had cheese on toast instead! Wasn't quite the same but at least it stops the tramadol making me feel sick. I just wish it made me feel sick and worked....but nope. I get the headaches and the nausea and the worse thing, is if I don't take it, I go into withdrawal and it's awful. I'm going to mention this to the Dr if I remember. But my GP told me I have tramadol and then morphine and then there's nothing they can do :( I have such a high tolerance of pain relief that it scares me. I'm only 28, I don't want to get to 35 and find there's no where else to go.

Hey ho...washing is finished and I've got some work to do. So Bye for now xxx

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Have a wonderful holiday lots of lovely warm weather and sunshine and lovely scenery, I am really interested to how you find Malta its somwhere I have thought about many times but have not been as yet.

Sue x x x x x


Hi Chris,

I havent been away in 12 years...not even a weekend away :( but the first week of June we are off to Dorset :) I cant wait. The weather is naff up here too. I'm in the north west.

Have a lovely holiday and hope the kitchen isn't too bad when you come back



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