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have to rest up the day before going to treament

what can i say

i'm having to spend today taking things easy as tomorrow i'm expected to sit for three hours (i can just about sit for 2 hours )at pain management to hear that i'm ment to pace , exercise , baselines , self-management ,relaxation,mindfullness,being thankfull , goal setting and all the stuff i aready know and do (apart from exercise) nothing on how to cope with and how to get rid of it .

i've had ME/CFS for over 2 years and fibro for 8 months i've heard all this and have it going on so why o why is it the same thing over and over again .

if it's a pain management programme then thats what i want to hear about learn about and know how to deal with .

i will spend the time there trying to sit still, cope with the pain and listen(last week i had pain gel on, three lots of pain killers and i heat pad on and was ready to cry the pain was that bad ,i had so much trouble following what was being said and keeping up )

when i got home all i could do was sleep and had no idea what was going on was that tierd and was left like that for days .

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Hi tracy, i went to pain management and didnt find it much help. They asked what i did to help the pain apart from medication. i told them i did what i could when i could, that i paced myself if i had somewhere to go i would rest well before hand, and took our dog for walks when poss and went swimming. They said you seem to know how to cope and doing all the right things so we dont want to see you again. i am just so pleased i found this site. take care xx


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