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Hi i hope that you are all ok ?

I am really busy this week will be popping on but will probabaly be back on properely end of week i am alot better now have got a coughthat just wont go but my tablets finish in 2 days so hopefu;ly that will see it off !

I have got to go and sit at my sisters beauty room today for about 3 hours so thats not too bad and Dad is coming to decorate my bathroom woo woo i went and got some new bits for it yesterday

Then i have got to go with Mum and pick a new carpet too so that will be nice .

Tomorrow i have got to have my hair cut and wed i have eye test and thurs i have got man coming from D.I.A.L to help me fill in my DLA forms but dont hold out much hope but we will see what happens so i will be popping on now and then so dont worry i havent slipped down a drain or been swallowed by some random dinasaur lol

love to you all and have a good day

it is cold out here today and windy so back to my scarf lol

love Diddle x

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Hi Diddle, hope your cough goes soon. Have a lovely day. Try and rest at some point. Good luck with your DLA form hun. Hug & love to you. Helen xxx


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