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Sunday 13th May 2012 - my turn to get up with the kids!

Well it's Sunday, and it's my turn to get up with the girls. I'm already dreading this but my hubby is snoring peacefully next to me.

Yesterday was an awful day :( the headaches, the sweats, the pain, the spasms...urgh! I do feel slightly better today, well I've only sat up in bed but hey it's a start and more than I can do some days.

I'm planning on making gammon for dinner, but we'll see. My girls love gammon :) I'm not so keen so might have something else.

I've got some work to do for CBT next week today as well. I have OCD and I'm seeing a therapist for that and she's also helping me come to terms with the fibro.

College on Tuesday, only 3 weeks til I finish now. I am so proud that I've managed to complete the year :) just exams and revision now. Everything else is god it's taken a lot but I've done it :)

On Wednesday, I'm off to see to lady at college to help with revision, she's been amazing :)

Then Dr's and college on Thursday, and hopefully pick up my Dr's notes for DSA and extra time in exams which will ease the pressure hugely. I nearly left it too long, hate the word disabled and have refused help up to now. But I know when to ask and thankfully it isn't too late :)

I've got my friends daughter on Friday and then she's staying friday night, to give her mum a break.

So all in all, I have another busy week. I know I should be pacing myself but it's hard. As I've said before, I'm still very much in denial, and am not quite ready to accept this fate yet. So the pacing does not come naturally to me and before I know it, I've filled my week up with appointments and helping people out with things. It's crazy and no wonder I end up in bed in agony all day Saturday. This all happened so quickly though, I was fine and then literally 3 hours later my whole world had changed.

Oh well, off to sort the kids out and try to entertain them with something that doesn't involve a lot of moving! I may even fit in some card making later on :)

Hope everyone is having a good day :)

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wow you have got a busy week :)

and i really really admire you doing your college work ,its such a fantastic thing to acheive ,how do you do it ?

i know i couldnt ,would have loved to take my gcse's again ,but i have no hoope now ,what with the fibro fog , lol

again well done it really is so brilliant of you :-D xxx


wow you are busy&well done doing wot your doing!but dont forget some "me time"so you dont over do it hugs xx


Well you certainly are a very busy lady....... I think something you could hopefully start preparing yourself to say in the next few weeks, bearing in mind that the summer holidays are looming...... It's probably the hardest word to say but once you start it gets easier and starts to make life a little less complicated.

Its only a 2 letter word but is a very powerful one................................"NO".......


Sue x x x


You are very busy aren't you? Well done on the college work, hope it all goes well x

I understand how you feel though, I found it very difficult to pace myself until after a few times of overdoing it and suffering afterwards I felt enough is enough! (so did my hubby)

As Chris said keeping busy is a good way of taking your mind off the's also good to find the right balance and realise when its a good time to say NO.

take it easy.

hugs xx


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