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How many FM sufferers have put on weight? How many FM sufferers were told to loose weight?


I was a size 8, then went to size 14, then upto 18, nowupto size 22!!!!!! tried every diet, it's excersice I need, but I just cannot do it< i have tried many times, even swimming is painful. These are the times when I get depressed the most, when the sun comes out. I cannot hide under layers and layers of clothes. My GP suggested what I need to survive on is a lettuce leaf, as I cannot get any excercise....Not very helpful. I am now trying a shake replacement, so no food passes my lips. Very hard though.

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Eat good food, for me avoiding wheat and milk and I am able to maintain my weight as eating wheat makes me hungry, I keep to about 1800 cals a day as I dont move much, if you think about it even an apples worth too much a day will add up to 18250 unused calories a year and has to go somewhere. I was sent to a council run DietBusters a 12 week free course which was healpful in understanding what I eat. I lost 3/4 of a stone when I was put on amitriptyline as it was a pain killer and I moved more but I had to stop it because of other side effects.

Best thing I can say it find the foods that have a negative effect and avoid them, think carefully as every calorie counts now your activity is reduced, plan your meals on fresh food not refined and be food aware as you would medication as its so easy to forget a biscuit here and that cup of tea with sugar all adds up.

best of luck, having the same battle myself so just happy to be maintaining my weight and I feel in more control putting what I eat at the top of my agenda instead of just blindly eating and feeling guilty.



Hi, I am now size 24, 21stone and still going up. My Dr has been no help at all she lectures me on healthy eating and doesn't listen to what I say. I'm diabetic and do eat a low GI diet but living alone when I'm having a bad day I can't get food or even a hot drink. I have to rely on lucozade to keep my blood sugar up. I have a dog and I push myself to walk him most days, but I have to use crutches and because of my size I only go out late at night to avoid people seeing me. I don't know the answer I keep mobile as much as I can I barely eat I'm not sure I could do the shakes, I hope they work for you


Hi all i too hve same prob since on all meds. Id prev lost 3stone with ww and was size 14 and maintaining well! Finally after 10 yrs hd diag and put on lots if meds. So knw hw u feel as ive now put on 20lb!!

So not happy which depresses u more. I still follow ww theory but nithung moving. Must say the meds hve made me crave more sweet stuff which im trying to avoid. I knw exercise has lapsed so gonna mk a conscoius effort nxt wk as i am home to eliminate certain foods. I do find bread etc bloats me. But i do eat friut veg and drink req water

only guar t to loose is stop the meds and thats a no no. Good luck xx

Hi dizzyduck,

I too put on loadsa weight too, but i have now lost over 6 and half stones, in a year !!! i got sooo very depressed and all i did was cry, my daughter sugested i go to slimming world and she would come with me, i plucked up the courage and i have never looked back, i have met loads of new friends and they was all so friendly and helpful. I must say this was without any exercise at all, as i am in a wheelchair, and i felt good in myself because i new i was doing somethink about it, and also it gives somethink to take my mind off my illness'es :-) Slimmers world is brilliant you can eat loads still and i still have my chocolate lol i never feel hungry, the best diet i have ever been on and worked,

love and gentle hugs xxxx :-)


Hey dizzyduck, gentle hugs.

I used to be super fit and weighed 11st 3lb. Am 5'8". Now I cannot do much anymore and I now weigh 19st 7lb and gaining each month. I eat as healthy as I can yet still gain the weight - I've never dieted - it's inactivity that's the killer here - I was always an on the go kind of gal - I enjoyed exercising and worked out 3 times a day 5 days a week, I used a rowing machine every day for those 5 days and I also cycled 10-15 miles. maybe more, five days a week also. Even the weekends, my daughters and I cycled miles and miles. To be robbed of all that was, and still is many years later, very hard to cope with. Once I can get through that, I hope to get into something I can enjoy to get me out off this rut I'm in - and Fibro permitting - HAH! - get what quality of life I now have, on track.


Carol xx


I'm the exact opposite. The more stressed I am the less I eat and in the last 2 years I've gone from an 18 to a 14 .

My problem is actually making myself eat enough rather than stopping eating too much .

The last few weeks while I've been in so much pain I've barely wanted to eat at all.

Now because of all the meds I'm having to force down , I'm also having to eat as I can't have them on an empty stomach so no doubt I will gain weight again because I'm barely able to get up in the day let alone exercise.

Boy am I fed up of bananas and porridge !


before my illness I managed to get down to a size 16. I've always been a biggish girl never got less than that. I used to walk to the train station to and from work and when coming back used to go up a very big hill which was great and I enjoyed getting the exercise. I have now gone back to a size 22 and I'm so unhappy. I want to excersise and do what the OT told me to do but if I try to do anything beside this, I'm out for like three days. I get so tired. People make references to me about my weight and I say I'd love to lose some but when I exercise it makes me worse, just don't know what to do for the best. I don't eat between my meals when I can help it, don't have any supper either, so really only eat my three meals a day, I'm trying so hard but when your depressed you just want to eat more?! Lol, big hugs and much love to you all xxx

hi, i guess we are all struggling with our weight. I too lost over 10stones befor i met my hubby 5yrs ago, but since my health has deteriorated and now in a heelchair my weight gain is shooting up.

I can share with you my weight control tips that actually ARE working for me AND I AM BEGINNING TO SEE SMALL EMOUNTS OF WEIGHT COMMING OFF : )

firstly i love all the 'bad' foods so i dont buy them in my weekl shop.

i make sure i buyfruit that i fancy and change it slighly so i dont get bored f it.

i buy youguarts sme are ski mouse, i always buy one 4pack shape chocolate mouse and I also buy Activa bio yoguarts that truely do help with constipation!


bu they are only bought in a small quantity like a bar of my favorite chocolate and onlyno more than 2 bars.

but the trick is when you crave sweet things - if you have some friut chopped up or things like carrot sticks, cue put in sealed into tubs or food bags and i make fresh every day - i nibble on these and the fruit actually stops the craving of chocolate.

i also buy only a small bag of oven chips cos i do like them and i will have fish -in bread crumbs not batter-chips pees or beens but no bread you'l be surprised how quickly you forget to crave that butty : )

but the next coupe of days il make a meal that is health. i dont mean salad s or bland food a side salad to help fillup on with a tasty paprika chicken -seasoning- savoury rice and salad.......

i also go to hydropool which helps ease my pain a little and i can move with a bit of ease cos of the water and it is free in uk if you pick up a form and get it signed by your gp.

i culd go on with all my little tricks which do work honestly

but i wont but anyone who wants to chat abot my tip etc feel free to message me

i was over 20 stone in a size 24-26 clothes now in a size 14

Love and hugs poppy xx

Z_oo72 in reply to poppy-03

Sounds like you got it nailed Poppy, nice one. These are really helpful tips : )


I was always very active when i was yonger as i am sure most of us were.I have gained so much weight over the years it is realy annoying. Im not looking forward to my next lot of weight gain ( i have just given up smoking 13 wks no fags i used champex pills from my docs they are amazing as long as your in the right frame of mind to give up in the first place. ) im already a size 22-26 depending on the make of clothes. I find i dont want to go swimming and walking is hard enough when you have to go shopping . My friend bought an xbox console with the kinnect thing last summer as a means for her to try and get some exersize so i had a go on it for like 5 mins i could hardly walk for 2 days after. so if anyone has any idears on how to get some excersize that you might enjoy doing please let me know what it is and i will give it a go.

dizzyduck in reply to spikey9222

Hi Spikey9222

I'm in the same boat, as they say....however, we have so many good friends on this site, they are all so motivating, with some reall good advice XXXX gentle hugs

I wasn't told to do so but I did lose 4 stone in 9 months with Weightwatchers - mainly because I was hoping it would help with my mobility. It didn't but I do think I have more stamina, which makes sense. I didn't do any exercise at all because I can't, so it can be done. I have put a bit back on lately because we're having an incredibly stressful time with MIL and I am such a comfort eater, but I am confident that I only need to follow the diet STRICTLY again and I can get it off.

Yes I am so ashamed with myself and do not want to use the fact that I have Fibro/M.E as a get out.

Soft Hugs x x x x


Oh bless you soulsusie, please don't be ashamed of yourself, there is no need for you to feel like that. I too have put about two stone on since being diagnosed with Fibro, I am just over 5'8" used to weight 10st 4lbs no matter what I ate and was very slim at that weight. Now I am 12st 4lbs and although I obviously am bigger, it's not too bad. I eat less than half the food I used to eat, but it's no exercise, staying in the house all day every day that doesn't help my weight situation. I have a treadmill and have just started walking a mile a day as my starting goal, hopefully I will be able to build up to more, but anything is better than nothing. I also eat healthily, all home cooked meals, no artificial colourings, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives and no processed or GM food either. All natural foods - I certainly feel better cutting out all the junk, psychologically it does me good! I am determined to be more active and to get my weight down a bit, but Rome wasn't built in a day, so I am taking it slowly. I hate the word diet, I am telling myself "a healthy eating plan" and then it doesn't feel so much of a mountain to climb haha! :) :)

Ok, I had gone up to a size 22 last summer.

I had to do something.

I attended a "Slim for Life" course on the NHS.

Then I started an exercise programme, also on referral, called "Fit for Life".

I'm not on a diet. I gradually made permanent changes in lifestyle.

Nine months on I am a stone lighter and now back in size 20 clothes.

The exercise causes dreadful flare-ups, but it's what's keeping me out of a wheelchair. I have a long, long way to go yet, and I expect it will take years. There is no quick fix.

I've put on weight but I have to take steroids and I was warned about weight gain before I took them. I went from a 14 to a 16-18...baggy...and leggings which I find comfy. I also think that the inactivity can make us put on weight if you think about it. I had an assessment recently with a CPN and she looked at me and said "obese" "no" but I was advised by my GP once to try and lose some weight. I think also, that's why ppl are wary about giving up smoking. I've found both times I've gained half a stone...but still better to give up if you can. I think the general answer to your question would be yes x

Hi all. Ive recently been diagnosed and am waiting to see pain specialist for meds. The rheumatologist suggested gabapentin to which i declined as my wife has SPD, symphis pubic dysfunction where the pelvic bones go out of alignment. She was prescribed gabapentin, to which she ended up putting on 4 stone in weight. She came off of it 2 months ago and has lost nearly 2 stone in weight. Weight gain is a side effect of this drug which is not publicised that much. If youre on it, see the GP to get reffered to pain specialist to suggest something different. X

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