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phew what a day!!

evening everybody hope you've had a good day!!! what a busy day I've had. we are having lot of building work done to the house - some by hubby some by the professionals!! any how it's very trying and very messy!!

just had a take way for tea and feel absolutely shattered. Having real problems with my feet at the moment...pains down the side of my feet...possible ligament pain, either way it hurts!!

Also have psoriasis quite bad and this is causing me some problems,

nite nite Jax xx :)

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well i hope you had a good night and everythinng dosnt hurt too much today ,

rather you than me having building work done ,your very brave lol ,

hugs to you xxx


my son got married on saturday so a very busy day. felt very tierd after but could not slleep,


Congratulations, I'm sure the after effects are worth it. Now time to chill xx

Jax :)


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