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Hi to everyone and Happy Fibromyalgia Awareness Day!! Woo Woo :)

Well i am not near enough to any of the venues today so i will have to have my own crusade so i will be digging out a top that is purple and wearing that not that anyone will know why but i will so all get out your purple tops or butterfly tops or butterfly jewellery and together we can make people sit up and realise this is a REAL illness not in our heads we DESERVE to be recognised as much as any other disabillity or illness we are REAL people with real health issues and we struggle in our daily lives and people need to recognise and see just what it is like to have this awful illness !!!

The only good thing about it is being on this forum and meeting such wonderful inspirational people who help each through no matter how we are all feeling you come on here and there is always someone feeling worse

But how ever we feel this is where we can all come to share our day and our thoughts our battles which we have won and lost with the various HEALTH and DWP Departments

You are NEVER alone on here

So come on get out your banners and flags and stand PROUD (even though it is killing you )

Together we will fight this and get FIBROMYALGIA on the medical map !!!!!!!

love to you all DIDDLE xxx

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:) :) :) Happy day to you too xx


Happy Awareness Day!!

I can't get to anything either but I have my purple top on and a butterfly in my hair!

Have a great day x


Happy Fibromyalgia Awareness day!! to you Diddle and everyone

hope everyone has a good day & have my fibro TShirt on.

all the best to all



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