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Thank you

Thank you so much for ur comments I don't feel so scared now, knowing there is people like me out there.

My husband is one in a million and I know I've scared him over the past couple of days. At the moment we have lots of stress due to the fact our landlord wants us out of the house and we have no where to go the council are saying we will have to go into a hostel. We fought an appeal for DLA and lost just before christmas which ment I had to give the car back. So the past few months have been really stressful but we both try and keep smiling so this flare up has come out of the blue really. I've had an increase in pain and not sleeping that's all so to be in this much pain has really knocked us for six.

Also added in the stress my husbands mum has had to be admitted to hospital due to a blood disorder she has had to have chemo. She is home now so that's made us relieved she has got home yesterday after 3 weeks in hospital.

So many thanks everyone I'm trying to rest and keep taking my pain relief so I'm fit to celebrate my daughter's birthday x

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I am so sorrry that you are having such a rough time we all have these patches in our lives where there seems no way out but i always say to myself well i am as low as i can go now so the only way now is up as i aint going any lower so hopefully it will turn a corner well it already has as your mother in law is out of hospital so lets hope that this is the start of your journey upward and i am sure it will all work out and in afew months you will prob be in another house which is nicer than the one one you were in and you will look back and think yes that was all for a reason

love to you diddle x


What an awful time for you, my thoughts are with you. I do hope you can enjoy your daughters birthday. I also hope you can get on top of your pain, stress is a nightmare for bringing it on and you sound like you have so much of that.

Lots of good luck your way

Sharon xx


Hi flange, i am sorry you have gone through all that stress.

Just want to send you a big hug, and i hope things pick up for you soon.

hugs, kel xxx


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