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DWP got me going round in circles

Got my appointment letter on 27th April for an assessment on 10th May at 9 am. Cancelled it on the grounds that the centre is too far away and nowhere nearer offered.

Asked for a home assessment - need fax from GP, duly sent on 3rd May and someone would call me.

Today another letter with another appointment at same centre so hung on for 10 mins to find out what was going on. Fax - what Fax?? Given another number to ring to check. if they had it. Phoned surgery first to double check it was sent - yes fax went on 3rd May. Call back DWP - no fax received send it again. Then added what he didn't mention before that a doctor would look at the fax to see if I am eligible for a home visit! So I don't know that the fax will be of any use anyway as I didn't know to ask my GP to make a strong case! And I can't cancel my appointment for the 29th either!

I told each person I spoke to that I have a chronic illness with memory problems and that this is causing me great stress. Do they care????

Went into the surgery at 2pm to ask for the fax to be resent and for a copy of it but doctor's secretary had knocked off for the day. So got to remember to go back on Monday!!

Hubby is going to help me write a letter to the DWP this weekend, copied to my MP and then get it sent off with a copy of the fax. He is worried about the fact that it has gone missing with my personal details on it, so am I as someone somewhere has my name, date of birth and national insurance no, and the name and address of my doctor.

Anyone who can follow this can have one of my reward stickers left over from my teaching days!


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Hi Caroline, Stress is the last thing you need. I do hope you get it all sorted. It seams to me that the DWP doesnt know what its doing half the time as they just pass you from one dept. to another and lose documents.Well thats my expereance. It makes you wounder if its worth bothering anyway good luck.

best wishes, scrumie. xx


Typical DWP, no department knows what the other is doing!!.Note sure if you do it but each time I speak to them I make a point of asking the name of the person I spoke to so that I have a conversation trail if I ever need one.

This kind of upheavel is very stressful and if you are worried about your personal information getting into the wrong hands perhaps it would be good to ring them on Monday and say that you are going to log this as a complaint. I had a similar episode with them not being able to find the original copies of my pension details a few weeks ago, I knew they would be there as I had a recorded delivery slip and someone in the office had signed for it. To cut a long story short as soon as I mentioned complaint they took the details and said someone would ring me back. Had a phone call within the hour to say they would ring me by 10am the following day and yes, you got it, they had found my documents and I had them back within 48 hours!!.

I hope you sort this out to your satisfaction, love Angela xx


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