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back to work ??????

hi everyone.

I had op on knee on the 16 april to repair tendon. i an thinking of going back to work next week. 4 weeks post op. still in pain but is it post op pain or fibro. I cannot stand being at home, feel i have lost my routine.

work are happy for me to come back when i feel ready, husband wants me to have more time off, he is overprotective, i have a supportive employee, do not know what to do ?? can drive ok feel i am going stir crazy but am i ready ?? help what should i do think i am going to see day by day and decide soon

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Hi Webby

I guess the only way you will know if you are ready is to go back and see? Will they let you go back to work gradually part time, building up to full time? Take it slowly and make the most of having an understanding employer :) xx


thankyou for your answer. my line manager called and has said i can go back part time and build up to full time So yes i am going back next week the longer i leave it the harder it will be. I am lucky that i can work really xxxx angie webb


do what your body tells you . hope you feel better soon xxx


Thahkyou x x x really helps


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