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Phew.... I have just got back from taking my 2 westies their walk, welll talk about windy, I thought I wont go in the woods as I don't want any branches falling on us so decided to go on the field,

The woods are more sheltered and the field is exposed so we set off and the wind was just howling around us, and we were walking into it so now I am cream crackered and what would normally have taken 20mins took me an hour!!

I am just writing this and then I have to go to my medical centre for blood tests. I had better not drop off and miss it.

Hugs to all ,

Sue x x x

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Sounds like a hell of a walk! Im exhausted just thinking about it! Good luck with blood tests! xxxx :)


morning sue , john took dogs this morning so i avnt got to venture out . speak later xxxx


It was and thankyou Fibrodude, last time they hit a nerve, but I am seeing a nurse this time so fingers crossed!!!!



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