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holiday pain

just had a lovely weeks holiday in the sun with friends, its the first time i had been away with friends and not family and was a bit dubious.

we had a good time lots of laughs, they knew i couldnt walk far or stand for long periods and accepted it before we went,

it was going well for a few days then it came with a vengeance...............................fb pain i woke up after grabbing just 2 hours sleep my body felt like i had been run over,, aches stabbing pains muscle spasm headaches the lot. it was really bad and im sitting on the edge of the bed in tears.

then embarrasment cos i live alone no one has seen me crying in pain like that and i didnt like it, and i think they were a bit stunned, cos as much as i love them im sure they think my pain is more like an ache they would get if perhaps they had exercised too much and it will go away.

im sure we could go away again but.. i felt a bit like a burden,,, why did it have to be so bad that week/

Sorry i went on a bit there didnt i?


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hi bruiser sorry to hear u wasnt well on yr holiday ive just got bak from a week in costa brava with my daughter n ive had terrible pain while ive been there even tho its been warm im wondering if its coz we r sleeping in a different bed and also we r wanting so much to stay well i think that can trigger a flare up .soft hugs to u xx


Hi bruiser - 2 things

crying is a normal release - and if we try and put a brave face on all the time it hurts all the more.

your friends love you and care about you. as much as you think that you are being a burden to them, I suspect they may not?

You probably need to rest and stay quiet for a day or two so your friends can go out and be active whilst you rest. enjoy the relaxation and no pressure of home - all you have to do is rest, rest and rest

find something positive to focus on about what you have achieved with your friends and not on the things that you are missing out on ...

enjoy just being, enjoy the sunshine, and celebrate some of the positives - tell your pain you will not focus on it......

soft hugs and lots of soft tissues to mop the tears (which are okay) *{}*


thank you suzy and tofty



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