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well this morning i was on a roll full of life managed a trip to the dentist yet another crown filling in two weeks yea not, dropped stuff at charity shop who were very pleased with the 8 bags of books and video,s. got home sorted my garage out then ive sat down and im now shatered and in so much pain ive got to cook tea in a bit for my daughter who is telling me she is starving the fact she had a cooked school dinner and has had several bags of crisps since she has been home i hardly think starving is the correct word. so any way im now having a cup of tea and trying to get some energy from somewhere to go cook her some tea, then ive told her im going to callapse on the settee in front of the tv and if i fall asleep not to wake me until she wants to go to bed lol well that wont be until 10.00 when bgt finishes, then i can drag myself of to bed and hope that i can sleep through i feel like i could sleep for a week but i know i wont sleep for long its just wishful thinking on my behalve my ran is now over lol sorry just needed to get it of my chest and i cant say it all to my 9 year old bless her .

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Aw Tracy, not surprised you feel shattered after that energetic spurt today. Sounds like you need to relax this evening and take it easy tomorrow to let you body catch up on its rest. Will also be watching BGT before bed, take care, Love Angela xx


hello tracey, glad to hear you have had a god day, I done good today considering i am still of work post my knee op. done loads of housework feel a sleep them grandchildren came round. now need top do housework again. oh but the joy of a good day


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