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Back Again!!

Well I had my Rheumy Appointment, dead on time at 11.20am and basically he agreed with my PT about having to use my crutches to take the strain/weight off my knees/hips due to the deterioration of my lower limbs due to RA. So my difficulties with standing/walking are RA so the OT plan won't work at all, and trying would do damage/put too much strain on my lower limbs.

Also got my blood tests done while I was there. Saves me having to make a nurse's appointment at my GP to have them done. I'm overdue. My last tests were before Xmas and I'm supposed to have them done every 2 to 3 months. So way late there. My specialist says that I shouldn't leave it more than 3 months between tests due to possible organ damage that my medications can cause which they could catch quicker with more regular blood tests. My GP says every 2 months as I have a second medication which also causes organ damage and can really cause damage to my already compromised immune system.

All of which I know but Fibro Fog and remembering to make appointments tends to be difficult.

Am treating myself (and parents) to fish and chips. It's been non-stop hospital and other visits this past fortnight for us and I figure a treat often makes all the difference. Taking a break from cooking altogether.

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Fish and chips sounds lush, hope you enjoy them. Love Angela xx


Mmm love Fish and Chips and I think you need it after your day!!

Hugs, Sue x x x x


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