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I have been on the sofa all day just popped off twice to take the dog 5 mins up the road and get soe fresh and really warm air in my lungs and thats it i have laid and sat here all day with my heat and massage pad on it has been lovely i have just been trying to gat back to 100% again so am jus popping on and off

my little doggy has been laying with me he loves it bles him.

i just cant believe that there is so much rubbish on telly in the day i could not stick watching it all the time !!!!!!

i have got a kindle but cant be bothrered to read at the min just wanna sit/lay and stare into space lol not hard for me some would say lol

i am going up to have a bath in bit and have a lovely soak in soe lavender bubble bath y nieces bought me at the weekend and then scrub all my body with the lemon souffle body scrub my daughter bought me the other day so should coe down smelling lush

may pop on later if not will pop on tomorrow love to you all DIDDLE xxxxxx

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Apart from the feeling ill bit I wish I had the rest...a sofa to sit on witha cuddled up doggy and a heated massage pad! However I have a desk, a computer..a boss upstairs and a deadline. Im quite jealous Diddle! LOL xxxx :)


aw bless you dont forget your beans on toast and your circuit training lol love diddle xx


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