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It’s frightening how much power doctors have and god help those who get a GP or so called specialist who doesn’t ‘do’ Fibro. Not only do they have control over our treatment but they also affect benefit applications etc.

I read one ladys post on here where the Rheumatologist told her "well ,i hope you dont sit there feeling sorry for yourself ,ive seen people with this put themselves in wheel chairs !". I was truly horrified to read this.

I am in pain and exhausted all the time but I know there are many on here who are much worse than me and my heart goes out to everyone who has an unsupportive health ‘professional’ xxx

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my last gp didnt do fibro hence no support with dla, even though i had an assessment by social service a care plan etc,I learned the hard way you need to fight not just for the right care but for any benefits


catleigh and lally, that what makes this site so great. knowledge is all and share experiences help us cope, because one thing is for sure we all have at sometime or continue to have to fight to be taken seriously. the lack of respect shown us on top of coping with this illness is absolutely disgraceful at times. at least now we have somewhere to outpoor and support each other. united we stand as they say ........ :)

i have no doublt that fibromyalgia possible signs of hereditory links, but i feel it only becomes extreme when extreme enviromental factors come into play.

like accident involving head and neck, chronic continuous stress, toxic posioning and possibly viral, although i think viral may only come in to play when your body is already run down by any of the three above. this is my view after researching and reading so much as we are left to manage our conditions.

never give up my fellow 'Spartans', i have learnt a lot from listening and speaking with you all and this has help me slowly move forward with my GP already.

so Frightening it is but we will continue to fight and shout loud and clear.

catleigh, read i can't recommend lyndsey firbo blog on becoming an 'expert patient' it has helped me and definately worth taking the time to read.

we live to fight another day. maybe not we should also list doctors and gp whom are supportive. i will suggest this to site managers.

best wishes :)


hi catleigh,its bad isnt it having to fight for our rights!tories have made anyone on benifits a scrounger!being in pain all the time isnt fun they should have a week of it see if they laugh then!hugs xxx


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