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night night everyone

just a quick note to all to have a good night if at all possible.

My mum is doing just fine, she has to have 4 weeks radiotherapy to zap any lurking cancer cells. We went out for lunch after the hospital visit,first time she has been out and dressed for 3 weeks it was pretty special for her.

Just like the old days!

Have a good day tomorrow,all. I am always trying to live one day at a time,find the pleasure in everyday things,try to laugh at the pain and fatigue.

Try to exercise every day if you possibly can,eat good food and love your family xxxx nite,nite all xxx

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im with you on that one :)

so glad you had some quality time with mum ,and i hope her radiotherapy goes well ,

hugs to you x


thanks girls,have a good


Hi Avarose, glad your Mum is a little better. I had radiotheraphy a few years ago and it wasn't too bad, the worse thing for me was the extreme tiredness but then you know all about that don't you. At least she is on the home straight now. Take care, Love Angela xx


Thanks,Angela. We are doing really well,thankyou for the kind words,have a lovely day tomorrow xx


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