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So tired I could cry!

Today is the worst day I have had in a long time! I'm not sleeping very well at the moment which is making me irritable and I just want to stay at home until I feel more human again. I'm a full time carer for my disabled Mum so I tend to play things down a bit so as she doesn't feel guilty but it's so hard when I'm this tired. I had to go out today as she ahd the hospital then she wanted to stay out for a little while but I wasn't in the mood but had to keep going!

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well done for keeping going however do try to look after yourself as well .. maybe you could get restbite for a few hours even people without fms get rest bite .. put you first is not a bad thing x if there is a new symptom please go to your gp however do try some sleep techneques such as writing your thoughts down before bed leaving them to one side and forget them .. good luck gentle dyslexic hugs


Hiya Gail, I feel for you as its not easy looking after someone else when you are not well yourself. Have you thought about getting someone in to help you look after your Mum so that you can have some time to yourself which is really what you need. I know its difficult when its your Mum, I looked after mine for years but wasn't like I am now and I still found it hard on times.

See if you can get some extra rest tomorrow and don't do very much if you can help it. Take care, love Angela xx


I agree with Lexie and Ang.

Take care of yoruself and I hope you can get some rest xx


Are you getting any treatments to improve the quality of your sleep? This should be a priority with any treatment of Fibro because without restorative, restful sleep our bodies cannot recover from each day.


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