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Morning All.... & I'm up early fpr a change! : D

Hi everyone, hope some off us are having a good start this morning.

I was off out this morning but hubby has a fear of rain lol!

But I'm going to go out tomorrow with my carer rain or not.

I brushed gizzie -corgi & jr - millie with a little doggy deoderiser WOO! dogs can get soooooome BO!!

They are good and will lay on the leather sofa -easy to clean- and does a lovely timed roll so i can brush each side of his coat millie just does her meer cat impression and sits on her hind legs front paws up!

And useing my perching stool managed to wash the cupboard doors over -Amazing how hand marks get so low when theres no little people around lol!

But now my leg is aching and hands swollen but i do feel like I've contributed to the daily housework hubby does so I dont mind

love and hugs to you all poppy xx

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Well done you. But stop swearing with the housework word...yukk! LOL xxx :)


Housework.... whats that??????

Hugs, Sue x x x




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