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hello all ,hope your day is going ok so far ,and you have all had a lovely restful nights sleep ,(i hope you did anyway )

had an OT appointment yesterday ,she is the most lovely lady ever ,im always telling her about our site here and how much support i have gotten from everyone ,and how much ive learnt from everyone ,

i told her to tell her patients who have fibro to find us ,and yesterday she asked me to write down the info on the site ,so she can photo copy it and give it to her patients , :)

so hopefully we will get some new members from norfolk soon , :-D

so the info for our site is now pinned on their ot notice board ,how exciting lol

hugs to all x

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Thats brilliant :)

I am glad you have got a good OT - she sounds lovely :)



Hi Lynz, its good to have someone supportive isn't it. Hope you are doing okay today, love Angela xx


Lynz that is a really lovely idea, we need to spread the word!!!!

National Fibro Awareness next week people!!!

I am not good today but hey ho!!

Love Sue x x x


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