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I know I'm unreasonable BUT

I need some space, time to be alone, feel isolated - does nobody care? Pain fast becoming intolerable just let me sleep - if I stay in bed, which is where I want to be, it will be so hard to get going again, just to start the cycle all over again. Is there any point, will it be worth it? Or will I just get stuck there? I know I'm lucky to have friends/family that care, which makes me feel resentful and in turn guilty 'cause I cant just give up! Then again thats not what I want either! Just answered myself. Wishing all my fellow sufferers all the very best. If u haven't had a good one today hope it's better tomorrow. If you've had great day wish you a repeat tomorrow!! :)

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dont really know how to reply to this tulips ,you seem to have answered it yourself lol

well hope you keep going and have a good day tomorrow ,hugs to you xx


Hi Tulips, you sound very down and sad, are you currently taking any medication for depression as it could be this that is making you feel the way you do. Its something I have been through and can empathise what you are saying and I have been on antidepressants for a few years which help.

When you feel like this friends and family are sometimes the last people you want to share it with which is why this site is so helpful as there are so many people who understand what you are saying.

I hope you have a better day tomorrow, if you are not on any medication please go and have a chat with your GP and let them know how you are feeling. Also let us know whether tomorrow is a good day for you. Take care, love Angela xx


bless you just sending you a hug love diddle x


Hi Tulips , i think being in constant pain all the time can make us feel like this ,i know i do . So i try to give myself one reason to look forward to in the day , it can be something very trivial but it gives me something to get up for and to focus on rather than how much i hurt . I do hope you feel better soon sweetie x


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