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I am Sooooo worn out

My sister her husband (my step son), and her 2 daughters 2 and 9, came to stay on friday night, plus my 3 year old grandson came to stay on thursday. We fianlly got rid of the 3 year old about quarter to 2 today (I love him really!!!), and about an hour ago the others decided to leave.

Well even though I cannot do very much, and left them pretty much to take care of themselves, I am absolutely worn out, my whole body aches, and I am in so much pain. I am just so grateful that she left the other 2, 10 and 6 at home cos I dread to think how i'd be feeling!!!

love to all


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oh i bet ur worn out.... even if ur just making conversation tires me out, suppose it does u to.. my daughter goes on a girly holiday at end of month, she is 18.. well... i feel so sorry for her, cause she still needs her mum to help organise her with holiday stuff ect.. she been wanting me to go shopping with her for weeks, but i cant do going around lots of shops nowadays.. anyway... i went yesterday she wanted to go to two shops up town... with my blue badge i practically park round the corner... we only went to the two shops, and i could hardly drive home.. came home and had no option to lie on couch as i was so fatigued.. that went on till bed time.. went to bed then all the pain started.. i have had no sleep at all since last night, and i am struggling now... thats when i get upset, i cant even do a bit shopping with my daughter.. i longed to do that with her as i lost my own mum when i was 15... though i am here in person, i am not here to do mother daughter things... sad eh.. but.... at least i can advise and talk to her, so got to be grateful.. sorry for the long mail lol xx hope ur ok, i prob tired u out more now hahahha


nah your alright you haven't worn me out anymore!! I know how you feel i have a mobility scooter, which you think would help, but i get worn out shopping as well. It really wears me out, brings a new meaning to "shop till you drop"!!!!



Bless you Sharon,

Why don't you go and have a nice hot bath with candles and soft music and chill for a while have some "YOU" time.


Sue x x x x


Thats sounds lovely!! probs is once my body cools down afterwards i'm in agony, can't win!!



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