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I cant believe my partner took my car for the m o t at 1.30 today and he came back half hour later with a pass certificate :) :) woo woo i could not believe it and it only cost me £34 too as he knows the men down there he is always taking cars there as that is what he does for living self employed car mechanic so mates rates so that was even better !!!!

the certificates are new now and have the advisory on the mot cert and i have got to get 2 new front tyres and a leg thingy to do with the shock absorbers (i know all the technical talk lol) but i can get them in the next few months love to you all diddle xxx

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yeah i was pleased i thought i was in for huge bill i dont have to pay labour as my partner does it but i do have to pay for the parts lol love to you diddle x


Good news for a change Diddle xx :_ :)


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