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Yesterday i went to fil my tablet tub up i got out my box of cocodamol and it was empty which it should have 100 inside ! then it dawned on me what i had done!!!

o had them all out monday and what i have done have thrown out the full box and kept the empty one so i called my GP surgery yesterday and have got to go into today and write out a form to get 100 tablets to tide me over until 15th may when my repeat is due

oh dear hopefully they will sort it today as only got enough til lunchtime snd its bank holiday monday !!!!!!

love to you all diddle xxxx

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Oh bless ya Diddle xx

I lost the teapot during the week, I still had hold of it when I went to the fridge to get milk. Must've had the thought that I couldn't carry both so the teapot ended up on the shelf. :)


lol im just as bad as you hun if we wrote a book people wouldnt beleive it xxxx

You are not alone! I foolishly decided to clear out my medicine box and could swear I put a pack of amitriptyline tablets back in there - but needless to say had thrown them away, so none left!

Seems a shame you had to go down to the surgery to sort it out. I went into my local pharmacy to hand in a repeat prescription for ami and some other drugs and was lent a packet till the others come in.

Like Trisha says if we wrote a book people wouldn't believe it!


oh diddle! still laughing from your tiger balm!!

couple of nights ago i put the curry i had prepared into the dishwasher to cook. when it should have been ready i kept looking in the oven thinking it would appear?! doh!


OMG I so love this site! Come here as soon as I wake so you lot can give me a laugh. It is so refreshing to read your comments. I haven't lost my marbles - they just fibro'd lol xx

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