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I am still awake lol well it is not lol really iam sooo tired but sleep evades me and i cannot believe people actually stay up and watch a man and a roullette whell going round etc???

oh well each tio their own but if that does not send me to sleep then wat on earth will ?

well now turning everything off incuding my brain hopefully will get some sleep even if it is 2/3 hours that is be tter than nothing so ggodnight to you all an d will see you later today now love diddle xxxxxxxxxxxx

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good night diddle hope u do sleep i'm up too cant get comfy sweet dreams xx


lol what is comfortable lol i am aching all over got cushions and squashy things all around me my bum is actually numb i just wanna screan but cant as will wake my daughter up, and my doggy who is down stairs in the kitchen/diner

oh well heres hoping to a couple of hours love diddle xxxxx


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