moan .....sorry!!

i have been to work today yes 1 days work and i feel like poo!! ridiculous i know! i have just recently been diagnosed and my mum just said to me oh its only m.e she doesnt believe me cause she said shed never heard of it , im going away on hols next week and am panicking like mad about the flight its only to greece but im scared that its going to be a painfull flight :( any suggestions on that one would be helpfull???? anyway moan over hope you all have good sleeps painfree xx

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  • Hi,i had to give up work which was the hardest thing i've ever had to do. My friend's don't believe me when i say i've got fibro they just don't want to know but it's there loss not mine. I went away recently it was only an hrs flight but it was ok i didn't like the noise though so i just listened to my music and fell asleep it's the best thing u can do. Hope u have a good painless sleep hugs :) suzi xxx

  • hi i think you really need to sit down with your mum in front of a computer and show your mum all the different bits and pieces on firbro so that she really can see what iy is i am not sticking up for your mum but bless her if she has never seen anything about it then she is not going to know ids she so bless her just show her everything i think she will be shocked my mum and dad and my ssiter i have told them loads in last few months and they are shocked at ll the different things that are connected to fibro

    please dont start worrying about your holiday i too am goging away for 5 days end of month and i am getting ab it worried but my partner/parents ahve said they will go at my pace the whole trip will revlovre around me so just pace yourself where you would get all your bits ready in 2 days just 2 weeks before write a list of what you have got to do and do a little thing each day and that way you wont be worn out

    love to you diddle x

  • thankyou diddle i just think im going through the panic stage of this at the moment and when i asked my doc to back me up with the dla he said absolutely but then got a phone call from the rheumy and she said she wanted me to go see her on the 24th to discuss why i want her letter too! i can only work 3 days then im shattered sometimes i dont even do that! my boss is wonderfull and backs me too cause her mum suffers with this too but if the rheumy doesnt back me im really stuffed cause i know my limitations at work and i rent id never be able to afford to live:( panic and worry:( but thanku for ur words love and hugs xxx

  • thanks also suzie :) xx

  • Perhaps your doc could prescribe you something just to get you through your hols.

  • ive got a bucketload of cocodamol if things get bad !!!lol! but thankyou for your thoughts xxx

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