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Well i hope my car feels better than i do today as mty partner is picking it up later to clean up all my break pipes and give it a look over as it has got the m o t on sat so he always like s to do it every year trouble is i hate it when he does my car (he is a car mechanic) as there always seems like there is a problem with mine and anything on it is twice as hard to do where as anyone elses car goes fine lol maybe coz i dont pay for mine only the parts lol

so will keep out of the way when he doe it !!!!!!!

are your partners like that when you ask them to do anything ? yet if anyone else asks they do it no moans or groans lol

love to you diddle x

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Yes diddle, full of moans lol. think its just men. Hope your car passes its mot. How are you feeling now hunni ? I went to town, and now im in pain. Have you had cake today? hug & love to you. helen xx


hi he was ok today no moans lol yes had sultanqa and apple cake now walking dog and full of pain lol love diddle x


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