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Night sweats ?????

hi have just got up after 2/3 hours cat napping and felt wet i thought oh no what is going on but i was jut so warm and sweating i am not ill just so hot in fact i am now taking doggy to top of the road and i may just go in cardigan as i am sooooo hot i am not ill or anything i wonder if it is my age olo i 46 ? sorry all you men !!!

anyway i dont feel like i have been to bed at all love diddle x

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im 40, had my hormone levels checked, thyroid checked , etc, and i have runs of night sweats, need a shower in the morning, when i had one before bed, i think, though of course not sure, its related to fibro

T x


Gentle Hugs diddle,

It's the M*E*N*O*P*A*U*S*E!! LMAO - Sorry - I couldn't resist! - I went through mine years ago after a hysterectomy - Then 3 years ago I started to sweat profusely - then it eased off to just sweat pouring from my head! These days it seems to have stopped. I'm putting it down to Fibro - as tests could not determine why I sweat so bad. I was also informed by my GP that menopausal sweating can continue well in to a woman's 70's and 80's!! Nooooooooooooo! :-(


Carol x


Mmmmmmm, I think it would be worth speaking to your GP Diddle as it certainly souns like symptoms of Men o pause......................... Sorry x x x x x xx


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