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Well i popped to town to pay a bill was so hot i came home and took dog to top of the road in my cardigan 3 hours earlier i was wrapped up in a scarf thick coat wellies and gloves i am sure i must keep falling asleepf ror monyhs and weeks and missing seasons lol my arms feel like they are going to drop off dont help with a little jack russell pulling me along he thinks he is a grat dane

pity he werent i could jump on his back and ride him round the estate

mmm Diddle the jockey there you go a new vocation for me love diddle x

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Ok...sunshine? where are you...Spain? Im sure they don't have asda in Spain... Glad you were able to have a nice walk with your 'not so great dane' . I know what you mean though...I wore a thick gilet and a thick rainproof jacket to work this morning and now I prob don't need quite so much...the sun actually has come out now I am talking to you...must be you! Have a relaxing evening...I am leaving work soon and prob won't get back to the pc tonight...or tomorrow as have meeting with my rhuemy doc! and then won't be able to move tomorrow evening. Now where was that cake...


Lol no sunhere in leeds either! Raaain rain and more rain. Was hot yesterday:-) cant cope with that either but the cold weather even worse!!! Xxx


Hi Diddle,

You're very funny, wish that myself sometimes too no matter where I am that I had someone to give me a lift, so much so I wonder why I venture out sometimes, I'm glad you had a nice walk, I so do enjoy the sun and a bit of fresh air, it's so good for the soul, and I know your arms must feel pulled off you too, know that feeling well too.

My animals help me forget my pain a lot, they're wee sweethearts, I've a small jack russell, (14) and a golden retreiver, (6) and two 11 month old kittens, and a 14 year old cat, all great fun,and anyway hope you're arms relax soon and the pain eases, with gentle hugs xxx


No sun here diddle, just grey and dull, Oh and wet. Send some this way :)

Lou x


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