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13 days post op

Hi everybody thought i would have a little read and then update you, sadly can't stay on long as bad position for legs. But hey 13 days post op now still can't get leg on bed without help but I keep trying :-)) still swollen but i think marginally less than i was keep taking the pills as they say LOL

On the positive yeah... had a shower yesterday and it didn't go to bad at all managed to step in and out ok but oh so much nicer than a strip wash... little things I know sorry just feels like a mile stone. Well lost my train of thought now just had phone call from daughter in law and granddaughters its the eldest ones 5th birthday at the weekend and they were wanting to play pass the parcel now or at least have the duck that was about to be wrapped up ha! ha! ohhh i remember those days well .

So going now as legs getting stiff and need moving again see you all soon love sue xx

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Good luck with leg Sue! I had knee surgery in does take a while longer to recover with fibro...take each day one at a time...but yes the first shower afterwards felt great!!!


bless you you seem as though you doing really well will soon have you doing the charleston hay lol love diddle x


Sue, glad you are feeling brighter, That first shower back in your own home is like Magic, isn't it. Just make you fill millions time more human. Keep taking care of yourself.

Lou x


Hi Sue, glad to hear things are progressing well for you, small steps each day will soon have you seeing the benefits. Know what you mean about having a shower, so much better than a wash however thorough you are. You know what they say though, don't run before you can walk.

Hope your granddaughter had a lovely birthday. Take care, love Angela xx


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