Yuk another day in painville. All my bad days are linking together. This has been over 2 weeks. It is abit scary cos I wonder if I will have a good day again. Or is this what it progresses to. Constant pain.

Good news yesterday. I am getting my Blue Badge. Passed my assessment. So shopping will be easier.

Hope you all have a good day. Gentle hugs to all. Xxx

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  • hi glad you got blue badge mine has been a godsend it really has . i dont abuse it though

    sorry bout your pain i am same been no let up for weeks now cant imagine no pain at all love to you diddle x

  • Good news on your blue badge. :) hugs, kel xxxx

  • Thanks for your replies. Have as good a day as you can. Im flat out on sofa. My usual place nowadays.

    Gentle hugs X

  • Thats good news Annie, have a good day xx

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