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Off to Deadwood!!

Off to the theatre tonight to watch my friends in Calamity Jane, can't wait as it has had some excellent reviews. :)

Babysitting duties over until the next time :(

Just hope the stiffness doesn't kick in at the end of the show after sitting on the uncomfortable seats for a few hours, worth it though.

Will have more time to dedicate to catching up next week which I am also looking forward to. :)

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Gentle hugs Ang,

I saw our local theatre group's version of Calamity Jane a few years ago - it was absolutely brilliant - I love the theatre! I hope you have a fabulous time - for me in the uncomfy seats? It was soooooooo worth the stiffness and pain as I got caught up in the whole show from start to finish! :-) So sit back - and - Enjoy!



Enjoy Ang,

Its not as if you go out every night ! (you wish) I went to see some soul legends a few weeks ago and oh boy did I hurt for the rest of the week but it was worth it!!!


Sue x x x x


Had a great time tonight, the show was brilliant and so much more special as two very good friends were in it. We sat in the front row with plenty of legroom so it wasn't too bad and I did take some anti-inflamatories before I went which helped.

I feel wide awake now though so I really hope I sleep when I get to bed!!.

Angela xx


have a lovely time hopefully you will be so wrapped up in show you will forget fibro for jus a little while love diddle x


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