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Hi just a really quick blog as got 2 year old grandson running around and the word no doesnt seem to compute in his little mind lol any other word does but not no lol he got here at 2.45 until tomorrow bout 11 am we are watching ty story we have both had a batha and in our pj s it is so wet windy and cold out did take him in buggy with rain wear but horrible

wobbling all over the place went to town with my daughter before he arrived i was all over the show typical i said to her when little one coming but she has ben here with me lucky for me her 2 best friends are doing other things til this evening so worked out well

he will watch the voice and brittains got talent with me and partner my daughter says he love si lol

oh well i better go he quiet i dont like it when there quiet lol

will be back on here sun but dont know when love to you all diddle xxx

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Aw thats nice Diddle, I used to always have the children to stay over but can't do it now as I find it too tiring. Hope he is good for you, take care, love Angela xx


Enjoy Diddle but don't overdo it!!

Looking forward to the Voice!!


Sue x x x


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