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I have not had a very good night which is a shame as i really need to save all my energy and rest up until late this afternoon .

My little gramdson is coming this afternoon i have got him for the night so i have to go round the house toddler proofing the house as you do lol. i have to a

switch off the washing machine at the wall as he loves to press buttons lol

oh well it is worth it he is a dear little boy it is a shame i cant have both of them at the same time but its too much so my other grandson is going to his other lovely nanny for the night so they will both be spoilt rotten

hope you all slept well and managed to charge your batteries love to you all diddle x.

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Enjoy your Grandson coming they are great to see but take it out of us we love ours when they come but it take some time to recover after :-) have a good day soft hugs )))) Allan x


thanks allan bless you it is pouring with rain at the min so hoping it stops so we can go out for a walk and play in the garden he loves being outsidebless him the trouble is with him he has absolutely no fear what so ever which is a worry also i live in a house and he lives in a bungalow as does his other nanny so i worry with the stairs but i keep all the doors shut mind you lol he would roll down them look at you go ouch and smile !!!

i hope it is better weather where you are it is only early i suppose

oh well if i dont chat today you know why love diddle x


Aww diddle,

Hope you have a lovely day and night with your grandson. :)

I just hope you take it easy, and no wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

enjoy, hugs, kel xxxx


Aw, he sounds lovely Diddle, hope you enjoy your time with him xx


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