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My lovely mum called me today to say she was ok after having a little tiny skin tag taken off at the GP s today a quick 5 min procedure any way i popped round to see her after to take her some flowers and da a large toblerone as he is working on a dispute i have with the WTCTC i could not cope with it anymore with everything else they had no idea it was all going on until jus before christmas , anyway he has spent hours trawling through old paperwork and writing/calling them for me .

i had a cuppa with them and just as i was about to leave mum handed me a half of walnut and coffee cake she had made and half of fruit cake she had made so i now have enough cake to hold a street party lol

i dont know what i would have done without my parents and my sister the last few months they have all helped me so much financially and mentally too they really have i do so appreciate them when i come on here and see so manty of the members have a dispute going on with family or are so hard up they really are struggling and i think where would i be now if they hadnt bailed me out ????

well i would be car less as they paid for the tax/insurance /and alot of work 2 months ago to keep it on road and the m o t coming up in may

they have paid of £400 i was in debt with my housing assosiation 1 month ago due to cock up with council and housing benefit not letting me know !!!!!!

They call me every tue and get my shopping list and deliver and pay for it all on a wed

they are taking me to London on 27th May for 5 days all expenses pai with my partner too but they are paying for me as they know i cant affoed that sort of thing

I wish you could all have that sort of support and help or even half that

my sister does my nails for me every week and gives me a massage nearly every other week even though she runs her own business works part tim at the hairdressers and works as a health care assistant at the hospital and runs a home and has 2 kids and husband and she does shopping for me too and again pays for it

And my kids are so good to me too and are forever making me very proud of them i bought them both up on my own from 2 and 5 years old and even both there respective Dads have both said to me in the last 3 years it is down to me how well they hve turned out as i have been here 24/7 for them and guided them

So even though i have my off days where i am feeling low i really do appreciate and realise just how lucky i am

love to you all Diddle x

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So heart warming to here of all your support !

My dad sadly passed away 6yrs ago and I still miss him so much he had such a sense of humour:)my son lives close by but he works full time and there ate 5 children in the house !2 of which are my grandchildren (thou I consider them all mine D6 yr old dylan my oldest grandson has cerebal palsy so the house and my daughter in law are always busy

My daughter lives miles away and is expecting only 3wks to wait so I'm much on my own with my poor hubby . Xx


Know the feeling Diddle, my family are like yours if anything happens they all come running to help>>>>

My brother on the other hand just informed my mum that they were walking away from there house and moving into rented accomadation, excuse is to much work needing done to it, they cant afford to do the work, btut must be in a hell of a lot of debt!!

My mum offered to help but he said it has gone to far for that, my sister offered to buy the house but he said to late!

So we think we know our family!!!!

The thing is he is a manager in a factory so good wages, my hubby and i are the lowest earners in the family so if it happened to anyone it would be us!! :( My mum is devistated that they never asked anyone for help!!

Coffee and walnut cake my favourite save me a slice! lol :)

anne. xx




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